Welcome to the Amélis website.

Amélis is a leading French Cooperative in animal reproduction specializing in cows, pigs and horses.
Amélis has 18000 active dairy farmer members in the North West of France where the cow population is one of the densest in Europe with around 20 cows per Km².
Amélis breeding programme samples over 100 bulls a year and also offers a wide range of DNA Profile bulls genomically tested.
Amélis is a local leader in the French market and a Global Player thanks to its collaboration with the leading American Cooperative CRI since summer 2007.
CRI holds international marketing rights for all of the Amélis bulls.CRI markets the Amélis bulls worldwide through its strong network of local distributors.


The Amélis mission is to supply modern, innovative solutions in animal reproduction and genetics to its members and customers at the best possible value for money, keeping in mind the needs of the dairy farmer and his quality of living.

You will discover on this website the bulls available to you through your local CRI distributor. If you have any questions in relation to these bulls or if you need any further information about Amélis please contact us.